Gem quality rainbow moonstone single earring charm A

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A simple earring charm using a single smooth pear-shaped rainbow moonstone (white labradorite).

This time I will be exhibiting two earring charms. This will be pair A.

It is a gem-quality rainbow moonstone with high transparency and few cracks.

We stocked pairs of the larger grains and shapes as well as Syrah colors.

This pair has a strong blue Syrah.

This is made with a charm.

This price is for the charm only. The hoop earrings shown in the image are approximately 13mm in diameter.

The ring part is about 5mm in diameter and cannot be opened or closed.

Hoop earrings are also available for purchase.

Diameter approximately 13mm 1500 yen

Approximately 15mm in diameter 1800 yen

If you would like to purchase hoop earrings as well, please visit our hoop earrings listing page, add your desired size to your cart, and check out.

If there is insufficient stock, please contact us before purchasing.

Material: 14k gold filled (14kgf), natural stone above

Size: Please refer to the image

⚠︎Although we make every effort to photograph the actual product as faithfully as possible, including color, shape, inclusions, and internal injuries, there may be differences in appearance due to our photography techniques or monitor settings. Thank you for your understanding.
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