Vermeil 8mm golden rutilated quartz lever back earrings pink gold B

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A simple earring made of a single 8mm round golden rutilated quartz.

This is pair B.

A stone with high transparency and solid gold needles is set in a well-designed metal fitting. This is pink gold colored metal fittings.

The matching metal fittings are made of a material called 24k vermeil.
Vermeil is made of 925 silver as a core material, and a thick coating (1.5 microns or more) of gold with a proportion of at least 10k or more is applied on top of it.

This metal fittings are 925 silver coated with 24K gold.

The thickness of the gold is completely different between vermeil and gold plating, and this material has a strong gold texture.
It is almost the same as gold-filled in terms of the thickness of the gold, but the core material and manufacturing method are different, making vermeil more expensive.

It is not possible to change the metal fittings here.

These metal fittings are lever back earrings, so you won't have to worry about losing them while wearing a mask.
However, since the wire diameter of the hook is thick, please be careful if you have small piercing holes or the holes are not stable.

Material: 24k vermeil, rutilated quartz
Size: Please refer to the image

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