London Blue Topaz Tumbled American Earrings

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A simple earring made of tumble-cut London blue topaz.

London blue topaz in a grayish navy color with a calm tone.

Random cuts reflect light irregularly, creating a sharp shine.

We have simply made a pair of larger earrings into American earrings.

There is a small surface scratch on one side and a small crack on the other side.

You can pull the chain at the back all the way to make it look like drops are dripping from the earrings, or you can lower the stone a little and fold it back in the middle of the chain so that it sways ♡

Box chain American earrings are smooth and can be worn without getting caught when passing through the earring hole.

Please note that it may be difficult to pass the hole if it is unstable or small.

If it easily falls out of the hole, please use the silicone catch that is attached to the mount.

The metal fittings cannot be changed for this item.

Material: 14k gold filled (14kgf), natural stone above

Size: Please refer to the image

⚠︎Although we make every effort to photograph the actual product as faithfully as possible, including color, shape, inclusions, and internal injuries, there may be differences in appearance due to our photography techniques or monitor settings. Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask.