ruby and red amber earrings

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Earrings with red amber and large marron-cut rubies with small multi-colored rubies.

This marron cut ruby ​​has a natural color that has not been colored.
It is an opaque, deep red color that is almost black. When the light hits it, it shines a beautiful wine red.
As you can see in the image, there is a slight difference in color and shape between the left and right sides.

Accompanied by a muted reddish pink multicolored ruby.

The front and back sides of the ruby ​​are very well cut and reflect the sparkling light.

The sides are not polished and have a stone feel.

Connected Red Amber is made from natural amber called Baltic Amber, which is harvested along the coast of the Baltic Sea, and processed with a special vegetable dye.

It has very high transparency and is a bright red amber that resembles a tree nut.

It is possible to change the earrings fittings here.

You can check the details on the metal fittings change page.

Free resin hook earrings (clear, gold)
Screw spring earrings (plated material) free of charge
Clip-on earrings (plated material) + 200 yen
Non-piercing earrings (made of resin) +200 yen
14kgf lever back earrings +500 yen

It becomes.

If you would like to make a change, please add the required number of metal fittings to your cart and check out together. Also, when purchasing, please write in the notes section that you wish to change the metal fittings.

If there is insufficient stock, please contact us before purchasing.

Depending on the design, when changing to earrings, the design may change slightly (such as inserting a jump ring).
In addition, in the case of a piece with a distinctive earring hook, there is a possibility that the image shown in the image and the image after the change may be significantly different due to changes in the metal fittings. If you have any concerns, please contact us in advance.

Material: 14k gold filled (14kgf), natural stone above

Size: Please refer to the image

⚠︎Although we strive to photograph the actual product as faithfully as possible, including color, shape, inclusions, and internal scratches, there may be differences in appearance due to our photography techniques or monitor settings. Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any concerns, please feel free to ask.