brown diamond bracelet

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Rough cube cut brown diamond bracelet.

A cute diamond with soft colors such as pink beige and pink brown.

This uses titanium nickel shape memory wire. When worn, it maintains a circular shape like a thin bangle. When you remove it, it goes straight back.

This is a one-of-a-kind item that cannot be resized.

It's a lucky bracelet if the size matches ♪

Material Diamond core material: Titanium nickel wire Metal fittings: Clasp 14kgf, crushed ball stainless steel

Total length when straightened: approx. 17cm

As there are individual differences in how the product fits, we recommend that you measure it with a tape measure. The size above is the total length including the metal fittings when the clasp is removed and straightened. Please note that the metal fittings will not be able to be fastened unless there is a margin of about 1.5 cm from the actual wrist size.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges due to incorrect size or incorrect image.