About simple wrapping points

We will give 10 online shop points as eco points to members who decline the organdy bag that comes with the regular packaging at the time of shipping .
Each eco point gift is worth 10 points.

There is a page called ``Simple Packaging'', so you can add it to your cart and purchase it together, or if you write ``Simple Packaging Request'' in the notes section at the time of purchase, we will send it in simple packaging without the organza bag. I'll have it.

Eco points will be awarded within a few days after shipping is completed. If you do not receive points within 3 days of shipping , please contact us.

If you are purchasing multiple items, please include one with an organdy bag and one without, in the notes section. Points will be awarded for the number of points without organdy bags.

Additionally, points are a service that can only be used by those who have registered as members of the online shop.

Every time you make a purchase, you earn points based on the amount of your purchase, so you can save money.